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YouTuber Debunks Viral Photography ‘Hacks’ She Found Online


Professional photographer and YouTube Jessica kobeissi recently decided to tackle some of the viral “DIY photography hacks” she’s seen online, and see if they work as expected… or not at all. As you can imagine, for the most part, the answer is “not really”. But that makes the fur a fun video actually investigating these hacks.

Kobeissi mainly pulls videos from popular sources like 5 Minute Crafts and shows how many (if not all) of the results were likely taken with high quality lighting in a studio. In some cases, this is totally absurd and false; in others, the “hacking” may be useful or accurate at some level, but the final image presented by the video is definitely taken with studio lighting or created in Photoshop.

More often than not, catchlights say it all.

She tackles 5 hacks in all, and all but one seem as if the final blueprints probably weren’t captured as advertised. As Kobeissi explains at the end of his video:

My problem with these hacking videos is that they show you a final photo that was not taken under the stated circumstances. […] As a photographer, I think to myself “at least be realistic when you show people what these hacks are doing”.

Watch the full video at the top to see the five photography “hacks” in action, and feel free to add more examples in the comments that you think need to be debunked.

(Going through ISO 1200)

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