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Start taking better photos with this $ 19 photography class from the Hollywood Art Institute


Chances are, your smartphone camera is doing a healthy and powerful workout. And we’re not just guessing here. InfoTrends Estimates 1.2 trillion digital photos were taken last year, which equates to approximately 160 images per person for everyone on the entire planet.

So the next question is … don’t you want at least a few of those 160 photos to be good? You don’t have to be a professional photographer – at least not yet. You just need the right practice in the right areas to show a drastic improvement in your shots almost immediately. Now you can get Hollywood Art Institute’s top training in their popular photography course and certification course, a $ 2,600 photography training that you can get now for just $ 19 at TNW Deals.

Even those new to photography can access these 22 modules of videos, tutorials, articles, eBooks and quizzes directly, as the instruction starts at the beginning, introducing the dos and don’ts of producing great images.

Once you’ve got the basics (or if you have some real-world hands-on experience), your training draws on the talented instructors of the Hollywood Art Institute, many of whom are considered among the most talented artists and teachers and most respected in the world. .

As you practice what you have learned, you will have access to certified Level 3 tutors to review your work, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and offer advice to continue improving yourself as a shooter.

Your registration gives you five years of access to all of HAI’s learning tools. Once you are done, you will be certified, providing proof that you are fully trained in the art of the lens.

Right now, the Hollywood Art Institute Complete Training Package is available for the extremely discounted rate of just $ 19 during the term of this offer.

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