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Senior photographic art exhibit serves as creative send-off – North Texas Daily


TECHNE: The UNT BFA Fall 2021 Photographic Exhibition showcases the work of 10 senior fine arts bachelor students and serves as the last shipment before graduation.

The name TECHNE comes from Greek term technê that is, art, skill, craft or technique, and artists are enrolled together in the two-semester senior photography course.

“TECHNE is a great way to look at art without having to fall into all the traps we have in western art,” said Dottie Frank, head of photography.

The students featured are Riley Barkowsky, Jessica Brown, Whitney Ethridge, Dottie Frank, Amy Jazwiec, Rynae ‘Miles, Riley Oldham, Jordan Smith, Diana Trejo and Gina Visingardi.

The TECHNE exhibition presents several forms of photography, including figurative, alternative, digital and other techniques. Frank said it’s interesting that the photograph falls under a larger umbrella than the individual photos.

“You can move it around and change it and move it around as much as you want, just like any medium,” Frank said. “The photography program is not restrictive and you can see it in the way we’ve all come to the end of it.”

Jazwiec, director of photography, said she highlighted her journey with anxiety and dissociation through glitch effects and linework done through Photoshop and photo manipulation. Jazwiec said that using Photoshop allows her to be more practical and manipulate the image to represent exactly what she meant.

Jazwiec said her photos in the exhibit allowed her to use Photoshop elements she learned in the photography program.

“[The photography program] gave me a lot of tools to think about my art in terms of concept rather than technique, ”said Jazwiec. “They wanted us to focus a lot more on what we were saying rather than what we were doing.”

Miles, senior in photography, focused on capturing texture in her photos – she said it was good to see the end product of her work because working up to the storefront was stressful.

“The end product was worth all the struggles,” Miles said.

Senior Photography Oldham first specialized in kinesiology before moving on to photography. Her interest in photography came when she played softball and her mother took pictures during games.

Oldham was introduced to long-exposure photography during a college class, and she said she liked the element of surprise itomes with a long exposure because she can’t see every aspect of the photo until she gets to her computer.

“I’m pretty excited,” Oldham said. “It’s nice to see all of my technical aspects and everything I did last year come together. It looks a bit like the picture in the frame – everything is finally framed and hung on the wall. It’s official.”

TECHNE is the first exhibition in which several elderly people have been presented.

“It was very exciting,” Jazweic said. “It was a great step forward in my artistic career.”

TECHNE is at UNT CoLab until Saturday at 207 N. Elm St.

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