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Online photography course teaches kids the art of taking photos


CALGARY – Janet Pliszka is a professional photographer who shares some of what she’s learned over the past fifteen years with children around the world through a program she developed called Kids Photography Academy.

Like many entrepreneurs, her business has suffered, with clients canceling photoshoots because of the pandemic.

However, the pain of all those canceled shoots has been replaced by the possibilities offered by her new venture, an online photo course for kids.

“Canceling all of this filming has allowed me to focus on this Kids Photography Academy dream,” Pliszka said. “It gave me time to create courses.”

Pliszka created a website to host the academy which costs $20 and is aimed at children ages 8 to 14. She has created a variety of kid-friendly classes to connect kids to themselves, each other and the world around them through photography and has now launched a unique 30-day photo challenge that kids can take part in during quarantine.

everyday objects

It teaches children how to take creative photos by challenging them to look at everyday objects differently. Pliszka receives good feedback from students and their parents.

“It was created when COVID first hit the scene and I think a lot of kids were missing that connection with their friends, their school, and their community,” Pliszka said. “So to hear parents say it lifted their spirits meant a ton.”

Sophie Mook, 13, completed the 30-day challenge and says she learned a number of skills through the program.

“It changed my perspective a lot,” Sophie said. “Before it was like taking a picture and now it’s like getting the angle or getting it from a different viewpoint, perspective. It changed a lot for me after this course.

Sophie’s mum Nicol watched as she shared what she learned with her two brothers and even included them in photo shoots for the various challenges.

“It’s kind of like anything they try, if they like it, we want them to go on their own adventure and have their own journey,” Nicol said.

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