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Nikon x Duke of Edinburgh Awards in New Photography Course for Young Creatives


Nikon has just launched a brand new partnership with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards (DofE) which aims to showcase the creative voices of young people through photographic and storytelling skills, Photographers without Limited is a course designed for those who have a passion for storytelling and photography but couldn’t make it into the Skills section of the DofE Awards.

The course will include a series of workshops facilitated by Sharp Shots Photo Club and each of the nine participants will receive a Nikon D3500 and a Nikon AF-P DX 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens from Nikon. Each entrant will be paired with a Nikon Ambassador or Creator who can offer expert advice and guidance on creating a great image and becoming a professional photographer.

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Nikon mentors include Lara Jackson, conservation biologist and wildlife photographer, Jeaniq Amihyia, London-based filmmaker and photographer, lifestyle and automotive photographer, Amy Shore and multi-award winning wildlife photographer Harry Skeggs.

They are joined by Tianna Williams who photographs maternity and newborns, Ben Moore, a self-taught photographer with an eye for architecture, wedding photographer Gurvur Johal, Alfie Bowen, a wildlife advocate and photo enthusiast in black and white, medical and adventure photographer and finally Carolyn Mendelsohn, a portrait and fashion photographer best known for her series, be in between.

The DofE Awards (opens in a new tab) Rachel Palmer, Head of Content and Storytelling, said, “It is a real privilege to work alongside some of our young people as they develop their photography skills and develop their voices to tell their own powerful stories. We are delighted to partner with Nikon and Sharp Shots Photo Club to give these young photographers, who might not otherwise have the opportunity, the tools and the platform to talk about the issues that concern them and that excite.”

At the end of the course, an exhibition will highlight the work of the participants and anyone interested can follow their journey on Instagram using the hashtag #photographerswithoutlimits. The DofE Award already attracts thousands of young people aged 14 to 24 looking for an adventure, a way to help their community and discover self-resilience.

This new announcement is exciting news for anyone looking to enjoy the joys of DofE with an extra spark of creativity. For more information on pricing and Photographers without limits (opens in a new tab) program, go to the DofE website.

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