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Here are 13 close-up photography ideas to shoot when you’re bored at home


Judging from the current situation, we will soon face another round of blockages. Winter is also closer than it looks here in the northern hemisphere, so overall I guess we’ll be a lot more home. And in case you are bored, you can still have a great time with your camera. In this video, Run N Gun will show you ten ideas for taking close-up and macro photos around the house, and I’ll step in with three of mine.

Here are the ideas from the video, and I’ll share a few examples I’ve taken over the years:

Plants and leaves: you can photograph your houseplants, or if you have a garden, go out and photograph them as well. Plants make wonderful subjects for macro and close-up photography.

Wheatgrass my grandmother planted for a Christmas

A glass: if you have interesting glassware, you can combine it with lights and create many creative shots

Wine glass + lights

Water droplets: Whether outdoors on plants or indoors in the studio, water droplets are always an interesting topic.

Watches / jewelry: I used to make jewelry and I have tons of them. So naturally, I’ve taken a lot of pictures of it over the years as well. Jewelry can look amazing in macro photos, but you can use it for product photography as well.

Ice: I don’t really like winter, but hey – at least we can go to the garden, get some ice cream and go back inside where it’s warm and cozy to edit our photos.

Music instrument: okay, we don’t all have a musical instrument at home. But if you do, point your camera at it and shoot! My brother is a guitarist, so I sometimes shot his guitars when I lived in my family home.

Lights: there is no photography without light, but light alone can make an excellent subject. here is one of my favorite photos I took, showing the fiber optic up close.

Drink: wood has interesting textures and patterns and can be very photogenic. You can photograph wooden furniture in your home, but the bark of wood in your garden is even more interesting.

Mechanical parts: I would like to be able to redo this photo now that I have more experience because this part was so interesting to photograph. But here is an old photo of an electrical thing that I took over ten years ago. I have no idea what it is, I found it in my brother’s workshop.

Cars: If your car is in the garage or in the driveway, you can photograph some details up close. In my case, it would be more of a bike, however. 🙂

And here are three more ideas that came to my mind while watching the video above. There are a lot of possibilities that you can get with these.

Insects: They are one of the favorite subjects of macro photographers and they can become your little models while you are stuck at home.

Oil on water: oil on water can give you lots of unpredictable abstract shapes. Add a little nail polish or food coloring to the mixture, add some interesting lighting, and you can have fun all day. Here is one I took during the flight containment. 1:

Food: well, food is something we always have lying around. Fruits and vegetables can be very photogenic, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other items and see what you come up with. Can you guess what it is?

Make sure to watch the video for many more great photo ideas. And tell us: what’s your favorite subject for macro or close-up photography?

[10 MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY IDEAS to Shoot at Home | Run N Gun]

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