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6 Creative Street Photography Ideas You Can Do With Your Phone


Say what you want about cell phones, their cameras have improved faster than anyone could have predicted with the mix of hardware and software upgrades along with plenty of innovations. In this video, check out some creative photos that can be taken with a simple phone.

I started taking my phone seriously as a camera two years ago, when I didn’t want to remove my fixed focal length long lens from a camera I was reviewing. I decided to see what my phone could do as a replacement for a wide angle setup. I was very impressed. That’s not to say it’s always good when you need a wide angle lens, but if you don’t need a shallow depth of field and the file is unlikely to be subjected to a scrutiny, post-production or cropping it can do a job.

The advantages of a camera phone are obvious. You have one more or less always with you, they fit in your pocket and they are discreet. The downsides are that you can’t change the lenses, you can’t get a narrow optical depth of field, and the files aren’t too malleable. All of these drawbacks can be circumvented in one way or another. What I have found to be the most important tip for phone photography is that composition is essential if you want a good photo. This is true for most types of photography, but it becomes even more important when you are using a camera that is not dedicated.

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