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5 Home Cell Phone Photography Ideas You Can Try Today


Here in the United States, the coronavirus (apparently) still keeps people at home, which means lost gigs and less chance of shooting outside. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative at home. If you want to challenge yourself using just your phone (or if that’s all you’ve got), here are some tips for creating interesting images with minimal tools.

Photographer Jordi Koalitic shares a few images he took with his Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro, and while it’s not the most common phone, the techniques he uses in his YouTube video can be applied to anyone. what phone. In the video, you’ll see a lot of information about the shutter speeds, apertures, and ISOs that were used, and while something like the default iPhone app doesn’t give you such controls, it’s straightforward. to find an app, such as ProCam, that can add these features to your phone without much hassle. Some of these photos use ultra-wide lenses as well, so if you’re a Google Pixel 3a user like me, some of the effects will be more difficult to recreate because phones like this only have one lens that approximates a standard field of view.

Once you get past the manual checkpoint on your phone, Koalitic explains how he used ordinary, easy-to-find things – orange peels, sand, ice cream cones, and nuggets, for example, to create extraordinary images. Some of them involve changing perspective, like using glass to get under the sand, while others involve classic tricks with shutter speed (like long exposures to create light trails and quick exposures to freeze the action). Of course, it looks like Koalitic has a few people around who can serve as models for his photos, and so if you’re alone in quarantine you’ll have to get creative, or maybe use yourself while your phone is in self-timer mode. . There’s always the option of using a GorillaPod with a phone stand to get some creative angles as well.

Koalitic even recreates a photo that a user submitted to him in a photo contest, creatively using an orange peel at the end of the video, again using only his cell phone for the picture.

Have you imagined creative photo projects using minimalist equipment while staying at home? Share your own phone designs in the comments below.

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