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4 awesome photography tips using your smartphone camera


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In the age of fancy DSLRs, we mercilessly neglect what we can do with our regular smartphone cameras. Whether it’s a primitive 2 megapixel camera from a previous model or the 8, 16 and even 64 MP cameras that phones offer today, every model in the line can add a certain artistic touch. .


With such high resolution cameras installed in the phones, top notch captures can be made. Smartphone cameras undoubtedly have their limitations, but when used in accordance with their best features, you can get some interesting clicks.

Many do not know how the camera settings can be changed in their phones to produce really beautiful images. People tend to go for camera apps with nice filters before they’ve even explored their authentic default camera on their phones.

Your default camera may have a lot of features and tools that you can play around with to get the most natural images. Below are some simple tips you can use to click quality images using your smartphone.

Choose some natural light

When using your phone to click on picturesque scenes, it is better to use natural lighting rather than flash photography. You don’t want an overexposed image that can be really unflattering.

If you click outside, there is nothing to compete with the dear old sun! Choose an angle that illuminates central subjects well. Much can be done with scenic photography in natural light. You can also play around with some indoor light sources like colorful lamps or candles for some exciting clicks.

Famous celebrity and editorial photographer, Prabhat Shetty shares some photography ideas with us. He shares: “The basics of photography also apply to smartphone photography. The composition guides, rule 1/3, look at the lines, and look for the graphic aesthetics, the direction of the light, the backlight to create a mood, etc. You can play with the frame while editing, to control the highlights and shadows to get the light right. Of course, you can also play around with the other setting to create a mood, but don’t overdo it.

Get the most out of burst shots

Smartphones offer precise control over shots on the move, whether it’s a fun series of selfies or the click of a playing puppy. Set up a burst timer to take a series of photos, then choose the best one. You can use portrait mode for shallow depth of field to give a professional look.

Avoid zooming

Even if you are an amateur who has used the camera on your phone, now you know that zooming is not good! The image only becomes grainy with very little to frame or edit. Try using different angles to click on the same subject. Experiment with exposure to get the correct shadows!

Frame your photo

Finally, don’t forget to frame your photo! Like any pretty painting, a picture needs a solid frame. In the case of a photograph, the subject must be framed either by an aesthetic branch or by a door which adds character. Use your instincts to frame your shot creatively.

“But when you are outdoors vacationing in scenic locations and want to capture the moment with you and your friends across the length of the frame and background, go for the large option. angle if you’ve done it and go low, squat down and see how it looks like vertical / portrait modes generally look better, ”says Shetty.

As we usually say, it’s not the camera but the person behind that really captures the image! Smartphone photography has become a genre in its own right on many forums. It’s no surprise that people use the flexibility of their phones to capture rare and occasional clicks. The essence is in the scenes captured naturally in spaces where you don’t necessarily carry a big camera. You can really do a lot with the compact camera of your phones!

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