Month: January 2021

Inexpensive photographic tricks to be resourceful without resources

No art is a science, and that includes photography. But photography requires a delicate combination of innovation and diligence, and so, for many of us faltering financially or otherwise, cheap hacks to take it to the next level are essential….

Treat yourself to a photography class anywhere from Cornwall to Cambodia and … get out there!

The brilliant technology of smartphones allows us to show our photos to our friends and family with confidence. And New Years is a great time to develop these booming skills, with a specialty vacation that will let you get away…

5 photo resolutions for 2021: photography ideas for the new year

Whether you are in early 2021 grooming a particularly delicate head after a heavy night of New Year’s merriment or enthusiastically savoring a hearty New Year’s feast, there is one question that will unite photographers around the world: How can…