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20 wedding ring photography ideas


Wedding photography is all about the details, from capturing tears of joy in your eyes to the velvety petals of your blooming bouquet. Another of those unforgettable details of the big day? Your engagement ring and wedding rings, of course! Your photographer is sure to have covered all the photos of your big day personalities, but your wedding day bling deserves its own moment in the spotlight – it’s the symbol of your love forever, after all.

Wedding ring photography is all about capturing this special symbol in all its sparkling glory while telling a larger story about you and your partner. So before (or after) these strips are slipped onto your fingers, have your photographer take a cute photo of these dazzling diamonds where they can really shine. Have them take pictures of your rings sitting among your prep gear, tucked away in the flowers in your bouquet, or resting in its beautiful box.

You can also have the rings photographed with your other wedding day jewelry and accessories, such as earrings and cufflinks. Or have them assembled on or next to your stationery, as part of an architectural detail revealing your place, or even on one of your carefully chosen décor pieces.

Many shots are macro shots – extremely close-up shots of small objects to expose detail – and getting a beautifully sharp, up-close shot is an art. Make sure you find a photographer who can show you examples of other wedding ring photographs they have made.

Below, we’ve rounded up 20 wedding ring photography ideas for some serious inspiration for the big days.

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